Here is a list of the many jobs in the radio industry that your Radio 1 Broadcast School education prepares you for.

Radio Broadcast Sales Rep

There currently is a good supply of Radio Station Account Executive openings. As a Sales Rep, you call on businesses in your station’s listening area to help them market their business through radio advertising. This includes sponsoring special events and live remotes as well as 30 sec. and 60 sec. radio ads.

Students visiting a radio station

Announcer/Air Personality

By far, most of our graduates are hired as announcers at radio stations. This usually includes a 4-5 hour airshift, plus daily production time, occasional live broadcasts, and other duties.

News Reporter/Anchor

This position involves news gathering, writing, and reading. You could be a news anchor at a music station in the morning or afternoon, or for a cluster of stations. On an all-news station, you could be part of a team.

Students visiting a radio station


Production of promos, commercials, and other audio is a very important aspect of any radio station. This is usually a part of the daily responsibility of announcers. At some multi-station facilities, or larger market stations, it is a full-time position. By using your voice, music, sound effects, and various production techniques, you create unique audio ready for air.


Radio stations place a big importance on promotions, such as giveaways, contests, and parties. A promotions director is in charge of putting it all together. Again, this can be one of the announcer’s responsibilities, or in some cases, a full-time job.

Music Director

This job involves helping to choose the songs that a station plays. The music director puts together the daily playlist.


There are more all-sports stations now than ever before. These stations need play-by-play announcers, sports news anchors, and sports talk-show hosts.

Other Opportunities

Being an announcer at a radio station lends itself to part-time, lucrative, tangent opportunities. This includes voice-over work for studios, ad agencies, and audio production houses. Also, many radio announcers moonlight as road-show DJs for weddings, school dances, and parties.